Olivia Jade x Princess Polly Review & Dupes

Last night Olivia Jade launched her clothing line with Princess Polly Boutique. Her video went live the night before, and neither nor the company discussed a release time. Me, being the neurotic, obsessive person i am, checked my email every ten minutes starting at 6 am waiting my “early release” access link, that NEVER came. To say I am bitter is an understatement, especially because the line launched at 10 pm. I understand that she is in California, but girl I have a job. 

The collection in her words is a combination of street-wear/tom-boy with a girly flare. I believe that it does encompass the way she dresses well. The items on the other hand cost a pretty penny. Multiple people commented on her page complaining about the prices, and saying it just wasn’t in their budget right now.

As much as I wanted many of the items, I limited myself to the 5 I could really see myself wearing. The rest of these items though, are similar to pieces I’ve seen in many other stores for cheaper prices. That is why I am here to help you, find the pieces at a more wallet friendly cost. 

This is the Sister Jacket. A white denim cropped jacket, that matches perfectly with the white jeans in her collection.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar item here  at American Eagle or here  at Pretty Little Things.

The Maya Halter Top was one of the first items she posted on her Instagram.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at Dancewear Solutions or here on Amazon.

This is my favorite item from the collection, and one that I actually did purchase. The Lily Cropped Sweater is also featured on her Instagram. 
Price: $59.09 
Find a similar item here at Target.

These are the Sister Jeans that go with the denim jacket above.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here at Bloomingdales.

Olivia Pants - full view

The Olivia Pants are one of her favorite items. These are leather pants, that clinch in your waist, and get tight at the ankle.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar item here at Nasty Gal.

The Elizabeth Jacket is her Full House inspired denim plaid jacket.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar (emphasis on the not the same) item here at Urban Outfitters (and it’s on sale).

Jade Tee - front view

The Off Duty cropped t-shirt was another shirt that I purchased.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at 2020ave or any white loose crop top would suffice.

Trudy Jeans - right side view

The Trudy Jeans are supposed to be a loose fitting skinny jean, similar to a mom jean.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here and here at ASOS or here at Express.

The Bella Pants - right side view

This is what she described as her perfect track suit to jog in. These pants are called The Bella Pants.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Under Armour or here at Target.

A typical over-sized sweatshirt, for all the Ariana Grande lovers out there. This is the Francesca Mini Hoodie Dress.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Nordstrom or here at Target.

Holden Mini Dress - front view

This is the Holden Mini Dress. This look is very easy to recreate.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Pretty Little Things.

Lifers Pants - full view

These pants are very on trend right now. These are here Lifer Pants named after her group chat with her sister and friends.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Kohls or here at Nordstrom.

This dress was made for her friend and named after her as well, the Lia Dress.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here at ASOS or here at Urban Outfitters.

Olivia Biker Jacket - front view

This is the priciest item from her line. This is your average over sized leather jacket named after her, The Olivia Biker Jacket.
Price: $88.63
Find a similar item here at ASOS or here at Missguided.

This crop top/sports bra is supposed to pair with the Bella pants to complete the track/sporty look.
Price: $29.54
Find a similar item here at Forever 21.

Izzy Top - front view

This is my other favorite shirt of the collection, so I did buy this one too. It’s a black crop top with a zipper on the front and is called the Izzy Top.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at Pretty Little Things and here at Charlotte Russe.

While these are just dupes, I think they are close enough to the style she was going for. 

Stay Classy,



Moves Like Joggers

I didn’t jump on the joggers train right away. Honestly I really wasn’t about them, nor was I a fan of men wearing them either. Why would I want to wear “skinny” sweatpants? Then I started watching too much youtube (specifically Maggie Macdonald) & I dragged my boyfriend to the mall to get myself a pair. I picked up a mint green adidas pair just to try them out. Now I never change out of them.
I don’t follow a lot of celebrities on Instagram, but Hannah Zeile was rocking a pair of maroon velour joggers on a ferris wheel. I decided that I needed them. I’m not one to spend $70 dollars on a pair of sweatpants, but I persuaded myself into buying them (because I had a discount). Spending $70 dollars on a pair of sweatpants deserves a post on how to rock them in public without looking like I rolled out of bed.

Outfit #1:
Scarf: Kohls
Sweater: it’s my dad’s
Joggers: Adidas
Shoes: Uggs

Outfit #2:
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Jacket: Tilly’s
Joggers: 90 degrees (Men’s)
Shoes: Payless

Outfit #3:
Shirt: Forever 21
Joggers: Intriguing Wear (Men’s)
Shoes: Nike’s

Outfit #4:
Bodysuit: Marshalls
Joggers: Adidas
Jacket: Urban Republic
Shoes: Target