A White Fluffy Christmas

Whoever said white shouldn’t be worn after Labor Day was wildly mistaken. Christmas and white goes together like peanut butter and jelly. A white Christmas cannot be complete without snow, and of course a fluffy teddy coat from (dare I say) Walmart. Yes, WALMART
I had my boyfriend’s formal and wore a red two piece skirt/tube top from Nasty Gal. While super cute, and very fitting for the holiday, it was strapless and I am always cold. I went to look for a jacket that would go well with our holiday theme that we wanted and when I saw this white “sleep coat” I knew it was meant to be. I did find it in the pajama section, but I think it looks just like all of the coats that have been selling out of Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Macys, etc. It doesn’t have a zipper, which is unfortunate, but honestly it’s so warm and looks great over everything. I wore it over a crew-neck sweater as well, and it still looked stylish. 

*In case you were wondering, my boyfriend’s lovely jacket and tie are also from Walmart.

Nasty Gal Set: https://www.nastygal.com/wrap-star-bandeau-top-and-skirt-set/AGG86959.html
Walmart Fluffy Jacket (similar): https://www.walmart.com/ip/No-Boundaries-Junior-s-All-Over-Fleece-Hooded-Open-Front-Cardigan/352507015


Thankful for Great Finds

Here are just some Thanksgiving outfits I put together last minute! I know I’m not big on wear a lot of accessories but these outfits could be dressed up and taken to the next level with some necklaces!

My first outfit is from Thanksgiving Eve. I went out with a few friends, and needed to dress super warm. I went with a turtleneck body suit (that I lowkey wear almost everyday), and high waisted trousers pants from Urban Outfitters. The higher the better so I could hide a pair of leggings underneath, & then I finished the outfit off with a pair of black booties, a red leather bag I got in Italy, & a leather jacket.

My second outfit is for actual Thanksgiving. I probably won’t be wearing this outfit for longer than an hour because I will be too stuffed to still fit, but here we go! My sweater is from H&M, and while it’s super cute I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it’s so itchy. Why would I still wear it for the picture? Because this is the kind of sweater your mom probably has in her closet (lol). My skirt is from Target. Yes TARGET. Honestly let’s all tell Target how thankful we are for them today because their clothing options have been on point lately. Plaid skirts are very in right now, & this skirt is perfect for a holiday with a judgmental family like mine, or even a day in the office. I paired this with black stockings & my new favorite booties from ALDO. These are the cutest booties I have ever seen. Lastly, I brought out the same red bag from last night, & a red pea coat (not pictured), because New York is freeeeezing. Honestly I’m pretty warm, besides my wet hair (because I refuse to use a blow dryer), so I’m pretty happy with the results!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thrifting Jeans Queen

Mom jeans are all the rage right now. Seriously, they are wonderful. They are high waisted, and they’re a looser fit, therefore a win-win. They also go with anything, & are a desirable option for almost every season. Jeans can be super expensive, especially depending on where you buy them from, but I believe that vintage is the way to go.

When thrifting for jeans I look for brands that I’ve heard of because I know regardless of the price, it’s going to be lower than retail price. The best best best jeans I have thrifted have actually come from the men’s department. There are some things I must consider when shopping here though. I have wider hips than most men, so usually I have to size up. Second, I have to look for a style that isn’t too long, so I usually go for a straight leg cut. With Levi’s in particular I look for 501s, or 505s & usually have to wind up cutting them or cuffing them (but in a stylish matter). 

When in the women’s section I have a harder time finding pairs that I like, but I always try things on. When thrifting I always wear clothes that are easy to change out of. I HAVE TO try on jeans because no matter what store I’m at I have the hardest time buying jeans. That’s why I opt for thrifting because they are usually the cheaper option.

At the end of the day, finding a comfortable pair of stylish jeans is all I’m looking to do. When thrifting I’m doing the same thing, except looking for them at a cheaper price. 

Stay Frugal,