Thrifting Jeans Queen

Mom jeans are all the rage right now. Seriously, they are wonderful. They are high waisted, and they’re a looser fit, therefore a win-win. They also go with anything, & are a desirable option for almost every season. Jeans can be super expensive, especially depending on where you buy them from, but I believe that vintage is the way to go.

When thrifting for jeans I look for brands that I’ve heard of because I know regardless of the price, it’s going to be lower than retail price. The best best best jeans I have thrifted have actually come from the men’s department. There are some things I must consider when shopping here though. I have wider hips than most men, so usually I have to size up. Second, I have to look for a style that isn’t too long, so I usually go for a straight leg cut. With Levi’s in particular I look for 501s, or 505s & usually have to wind up cutting them or cuffing them (but in a stylish matter). 

When in the women’s section I have a harder time finding pairs that I like, but I always try things on. When thrifting I always wear clothes that are easy to change out of. I HAVE TO try on jeans because no matter what store I’m at I have the hardest time buying jeans. That’s why I opt for thrifting because they are usually the cheaper option.

At the end of the day, finding a comfortable pair of stylish jeans is all I’m looking to do. When thrifting I’m doing the same thing, except looking for them at a cheaper price. 

Stay Frugal,