Olivia Jade x Princess Polly Review & Dupes

Last night Olivia Jade launched her clothing line with Princess Polly Boutique. Her video went live the night before, and neither nor the company discussed a release time. Me, being the neurotic, obsessive person i am, checked my email every ten minutes starting at 6 am waiting my “early release” access link, that NEVER came. To say I am bitter is an understatement, especially because the line launched at 10 pm. I understand that she is in California, but girl I have a job. 

The collection in her words is a combination of street-wear/tom-boy with a girly flare. I believe that it does encompass the way she dresses well. The items on the other hand cost a pretty penny. Multiple people commented on her page complaining about the prices, and saying it just wasn’t in their budget right now.

As much as I wanted many of the items, I limited myself to the 5 I could really see myself wearing. The rest of these items though, are similar to pieces I’ve seen in many other stores for cheaper prices. That is why I am here to help you, find the pieces at a more wallet friendly cost. 

This is the Sister Jacket. A white denim cropped jacket, that matches perfectly with the white jeans in her collection.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar item here  at American Eagle or here  at Pretty Little Things.

The Maya Halter Top was one of the first items she posted on her Instagram.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at Dancewear Solutions or here on Amazon.

This is my favorite item from the collection, and one that I actually did purchase. The Lily Cropped Sweater is also featured on her Instagram. 
Price: $59.09 
Find a similar item here at Target.

These are the Sister Jeans that go with the denim jacket above.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here at Bloomingdales.

Olivia Pants - full view

The Olivia Pants are one of her favorite items. These are leather pants, that clinch in your waist, and get tight at the ankle.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar item here at Nasty Gal.

The Elizabeth Jacket is her Full House inspired denim plaid jacket.
Price: $81.25
Find a similar (emphasis on the not the same) item here at Urban Outfitters (and it’s on sale).

Jade Tee - front view

The Off Duty cropped t-shirt was another shirt that I purchased.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at 2020ave or any white loose crop top would suffice.

Trudy Jeans - right side view

The Trudy Jeans are supposed to be a loose fitting skinny jean, similar to a mom jean.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here and here at ASOS or here at Express.

The Bella Pants - right side view

This is what she described as her perfect track suit to jog in. These pants are called The Bella Pants.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Under Armour or here at Target.

A typical over-sized sweatshirt, for all the Ariana Grande lovers out there. This is the Francesca Mini Hoodie Dress.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Nordstrom or here at Target.

Holden Mini Dress - front view

This is the Holden Mini Dress. This look is very easy to recreate.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Pretty Little Things.

Lifers Pants - full view

These pants are very on trend right now. These are here Lifer Pants named after her group chat with her sister and friends.
Price: $59.09
Find a similar item here at Kohls or here at Nordstrom.

This dress was made for her friend and named after her as well, the Lia Dress.
Price: $66.47
Find a similar item here at ASOS or here at Urban Outfitters.

Olivia Biker Jacket - front view

This is the priciest item from her line. This is your average over sized leather jacket named after her, The Olivia Biker Jacket.
Price: $88.63
Find a similar item here at ASOS or here at Missguided.

This crop top/sports bra is supposed to pair with the Bella pants to complete the track/sporty look.
Price: $29.54
Find a similar item here at Forever 21.

Izzy Top - front view

This is my other favorite shirt of the collection, so I did buy this one too. It’s a black crop top with a zipper on the front and is called the Izzy Top.
Price: $36.93
Find a similar item here at Pretty Little Things and here at Charlotte Russe.

While these are just dupes, I think they are close enough to the style she was going for. 

Stay Classy,



Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Ya girl is back. I’m going to be honest, Black Friday is my favorite day to have off from work. I went to the mall around 9am to start shopping, waking my boyfriend up to come with me (goals or what??). This year though, I was extremely disappointed in the sales. I will be linking all the items I did purchase below, but I decided to include Cyber Monday along with it because I didn’t do the best in stores. Once I receive everything I will do a big haul with outfit ideas! I’m so excited!

Express had a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING! I mostly stuck to items I could wear to work (middle school)

  1. I got this yellow turtleneck ribbed long sleeve. It’s tight fitted & thick, perfect for layering. I really wanted the white one, but my boyfriend talked me out of it so I could mix things up.
  2. I went with a multicolored oversized sweater (similar but not exact). I thought adding some color to my wardrobe would be a nice touch! This wear can be worn as a top layer, or can be paired with knee boots.
  3. These high waisted pants are so fun! The color is no longer available but I got them with a hint of yellow in the lines so they’d match with the sweater that I discussed earlier.
  4. Lastly, I got this black mock neck tank top (body suit linked not tank top). I thought it would be a great piece to add to my wardrobe because it can be worn with jeans or dress pants or a skirt, etc. It is just the perfect staple, & is very slimming.

Adidas had a sale on some items.

  1. These sneakers spoke to me because they’re pink. I was just looking for a pair of sneakers for the gym, & I thought this might be nice. We’ll see when I get them in the mail!

Nasty Gal is still having 60% off everything! I found some fun pieces here that I can’t wait to style!

  1. I saw this bodysuit on Maggie Macdonald’s youtube channel a few weeks ago and thought it was a unique spin on a bodysuit. I think this would look so cool over a black turtleneck and colored jeans or pants!
  2. Long sleeve bodysuits are fun to wear with really anything. This one has slits on the arm so it can be worn all year round.
  3. Another white bodysuit, I know, but this I really liked the tie sleeves on this tank top.
  4. I’m not sure if I am going to keep these leather pants, but I thought they were a fun makeover to typical joggers, and could definitely be worn out on a Friday night.

Outfit ideas, and pictures will be provided when I receive everything in the mail!